CE 455 Hydrology

This course serves as an introduction to applied hydrology for civil engineers. The topics covered are hydrologic processes, measurements and data; water-balance concepts; probability and frequency analysis; flood hydrograph simulation; and groundwater flow. This course is taught every Spring.

CE 552 Water Resources Engineering

The course is an introductory course in the design of water resources systems. Principles of fluid mechanics, hydrology and engineering economics are applied to the design of pipelines, pumping systems, water distribution networks, drainage systems, flood control systems and hydropower installations. This course is taught every Fall.

CE 625 Applied Probability and Statistics

Course topics include data description, measures of central tendency and dispersion, sampling and sampling designs, quality control, persistence, periodicity, sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, correlation, linear regression, multiple correlation, and multiple regression. Applications and real world problems are stressed.. This course is taught on a variable schedule.

CE 751 Physical Hydrology

In this course students will develop a land surface model based on the underlying physics and mechanisms of radiative transfer, precipitation, snow processes, evapotranspiration, infiltration and runoff generation. The course will also cover numerical and uncertainty issues associated with hydrologic modeling and its application to real world problems. This course is taught in the Spring during odd years.

CE 760 Stochastic Hydrology

This methods-based course includes: probability models, parameter estimation, ensemble forecasting and verification, time series analysis, multivariate distributions, principal component analysis along with other stochastic methods imperative to hydrologic analysis and prediction. The application of these methods will be explored through examples in hydrology related to rainfall, streamflow, groundwater, and land-atmosphere interactions at catchment to global scales. This course is taught in the Spring during even years.