Group Members


Joshua K. Roundy (
Associate Professor
Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
Director Computational Hydrology Research Group

Graduate Students

Yuqi Zhang (
Degree: Ph.D Civil Engineering (Spring 2022)
Topic: Downscaling of Precipitation, Land-Atmosphere Interactions
Cheyenne Hillman (
Degree: M.S. Environmental Engineering (Spring 2022)
Topic: Remote Sensing of HABs
Atefeh Hosseini (
Degree: Ph.D Environmental Science (Fall 2022)
Topic: Vegetation Dynamics, Lake Dynamics and HABS
Adam Alani (
Degree: M.S. Environmental Engineering (Fall 2022)
Payal (
Degree: Ph.D Civil Engineering (Spring 2024)
Topic: Drought Prediction and Land-Atmosphere Interactions

Undergraduate Students

Esme Win (
Degree: B.S Environmental Engineering (Spring 2022)
Topic: Soil Moisture Dry Downs

Former Students

Madison Crowl (
Degree: M.S. Environmental Engineering (Fall 2019)
Topic: Climate Uncertainty in Engineering Design Current: Johnson County Stormwater Management
Rebecca Reilly (
Degree: B.S Civil Engineering (Spring 2018)
Topic: Hydrology Education
Current: Black and Veatch Portland Office
Brendan McGarity (
Degree: B.S. Civil Engineering (Spring 2018)
Topic: Land Surface Modeling
Kaitlyn Loeffler (
Degree: M.S. Environmental Science (Summer 2017)
Topic: Investigating Potential Wetland Development in Aging Kansas Reservoirs
Current: Engineering Technician at Black and Veatch
Faith Johnson (
Degree: B.S Civil Engineering (Spring 2017)
Topic: Modeling Reservoirs in Kansas
Current: North Carolina State University for M.S. in Coastal Engineering
Grace Roth (
Degree: B.S Civil Engineering (Spring 2017)
Topic: Seasonal Prediction in Kansas
Current: Construction Site Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity